My Badminton and Life Blog

My Badminton and Life Blog

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

One door closes and another opens

Things have been interesting, I know this is predominantly a badminton blog but my personal life does affect my badminton for sure. A relationship that I started in last year has come to an end and that is all simply part of life, I have come to terms with it and am not here to rant about it. There are good times and bad ones, memories will always live on but the heart will move forward. I did not let this down time affect my training and preparations for Asia though; I have been pushing forward for my upcoming tour.

My trip to Asia (Vietnam, Korea, and Japan) is quickly approaching. The draws for the Vietnam International Challenge have come out today (March 20, 2012) and I have made it to main draw. I will play 14th seed from the Republic of South Africa first round. I am looking forward to the match and feel like it will be a great test of my skills and see how all this training has helped my game.

For Osaka International the main and qualifying report came out and as of now I am 8th out of 16 qualifiers competing for the 4 remaining main draw spots. So that will be tough for sure, I am the only Pan American player entered in that tournament. We will see what the final draw holds in store for me.

I have a decent amount of stuff to finish off before catching my flight out to Hanoi Friday morning, catching up with a few people quickly that I have not seen since summer last year, also picking up last minute items that I need for the trip and exchange money. I am excited but a little nervous at the same time for this tour.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

1st Quarter of 2012

It has been a long time since I wrote a blog; this is the 1st one for 2012. I have been incredibly busy for the first 2 and a half months of the year so far.

My hand tendon injury from back in November has healed and I can now play how I use to. As well the last tournament that I played was the 2011 Canadian International Challenge just because of my hand and as well due to time. I have been kept busy with school, training and work that I don’t have time to play any of the local provincial tournaments. I cannot take the time off work since I will need the money to travel to tournaments.

Training has been going good, noticing slight improvements which are always a good thing and I am not getting turned off by that but am keeping myself motivated and pushing forward. Injuries for me and few and far in-between I have recently pulled my right external oblique as well as my right transverse abdominal muscle. That happened on Thursday March 8 and it is now Monday March 12. The pain has gone but it is still “tender” so to speak and I can feel some pull and strain when stretching to the side. I have been able to work out which is good but as for actually training full out we will see tomorrow.

I leave Calgary March 23, 2012 for Asia to play in 2 international challenges. The first stop will be from Calgary to Hanoi, Vietnam for the Vietnam International Challenge. I will spend almost a week there before going to Korea for a few days and then off to Osaka, Japan for the Osaka International Challenge for 4 days. In total I will be gone for 17 days. I will be passing through the Incheon International Airport in South Korea 6 times this trip.

As of right now I’m seeded 5th in Qualifications for the Vietnam International Challenge. If 5 people above me withdraw I will make it into main draw simply based on that. Else will have to fight through the other 63 qualifiers for one of 8 remaining spots in the main draw.

That is all the updates for now more will follow from Asia or before leaving as well.