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My Badminton and Life Blog

Thursday, April 7, 2011

2011 XVI Peru International Challenge

The draws for the Peru International Challenge came out on Wednesday April 6, 2011 and this is a look at them.

So for singles the main draw is sized to 32 people. That means that there is 8 qualification spots and because my world ranking is not high enough I’m in qualification for singles. I’m in group A qualification with 5 other people, that means that I would have to win 3 matches just to get into main draw. The top seed in my qualification is Matthew Fogarty from USA he’s on the top half and I’m on the bottom half. First I’m up against a guy from Chile and we will see how that goes. If there is a victory there then I would play a guy from Mexico and then whichever of the 3 guys on the top half make it to the qualifications final.

In doubles I am playing with a Canadian player by the name of Toby Ng, were both from Calgary and he trains at the Calgary winter club where as I train at the Glencoe Club. I haven’t played with him before and we are in doubles qualification against one other pair. The pair were playing against consists of a guy from Guatemala and a guy from France. If we win that one then we will be in the main draw for doubles.

All the qualification matches are to take place on the Thursday of the tournament with the main draw starting Friday. So as you can see that would be a lot of matches before the tournament. I know that for my singles qualification who ever qualifies gets to play Kevin Cordon, the 2nd seed of the tournament, first round in main draw. And for doubles whoever qualifies from our qualification gets to play 7/8 seed from Italy first round.

I’m defiantly looking forward to some great matches and to test out and see how all this training has gone for me. I will do my best to remember what Ardy has told me and yelled at me for and try to make the best of this tournament. The plus side is that the 920 points that I loose from the Atwater International (it’s been 12 months in May since that tournament) will be replaced by what points I get here. The disadvantage is that it might not be as many points meaning that my world ranking in singles will fall lower making it harder to get main draw in tournaments that have so many people signed up.

Will do my best to keep an update throughout the tournament, until then I have 5 more days in Calgary and 2 finals to write on Tuesday the day before I leave.