My Badminton and Life Blog

My Badminton and Life Blog

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Summer 2012

Another summer has come and gone yet it seems like it never existed at all. This summer was a busy one, it was one of the 1st summers that I was in Calgary during the beginning (May and June) as well as traveling to Asia and other places in the end of summer. I spent the first half of my summer taking spring classes at the University of Calgary. While doing that I was trying to train as much as I could for the US Open GPG and Canadian Open GP both in July one week after each other.

The tournaments came and went, they were tough and made me realize how unprepared I really am to compete at the international level. I felt that I performed better earlier in the year (April) in the two tournaments I played in Asia (Vietnam International and Osaka International). After both of those tournaments I didn’t have anything else to do for summer except travel to China to train (there is a complete blog post all about that). So summer came, summer went I got to experience a lot of things and see a lot of places.

2012 US Open Grand Prix Gold @ OCBC

2012 Canadian Open Grand Prix @ Richmond Olympic Oval

2012 Canadian Open Grand Prix @ Richmond Olympic Oval

Vancouver, Canada 

Made new friends, saw old friends and had some days when I just enjoyed life and lived it to the fullest. This summer passed by so quickly that I am not sure where 4 months went, even though 2 of those months were spent in school it was still “relaxed” in a sense as compared to my normal schedule. So now its the 1st day back to school tomorrow (Monday September 10, 2012) and that will see me doing 3 courses. I will be coming so close to finishing off my degree of a double major in communications and culture and my other major in Geography. After April 2013 all I will have left is option courses to finish in order to graduate. Those will be a pain in the ass to finish since they will all have to be at the 400 level or higher.

New friends

Skating in Shenzhen, China

Beach in Shenzhen, China

All in all I really don’t have much to say about this summer, my life will be back to its normal schedule within a few weeks now. School, training, work, training, sleep and then repeat Monday to Friday. The weekends are slightly different. Workouts are going great and I am feeling stronger as well as looking a little bigger which is nice even despite not doing any weights the month that I was in China. Hoping to make some more progress by the end of the year that’s another 4 months so will be able to see some more results. As well with badminton and going to make sure to work at things properly and see some progress with regards to the mental strength.

Other than that this is sort of a bittersweet post, goodbye summer and hello normal routine. I know it’s not super in-depth or anything terribly interesting but in all honesty and reality not that much happened this summer. Let’s see where the rest of 2012 will take me, there’s lots of stuff that could potentially happen and places to go. I’m excited to spend Halloween with friends and then potentially go back down to Trinidad and Tobago during Christmas to see my friends and family down there. 

Goodbye Summer 2012