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My Badminton and Life Blog

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

2012 XVII Pan Am badminton championships.

I apologize for not updating sooner as I have been very busy with school, training, and coaching. But here is the start to the entries that I have missed, only a month and a bit late :P
October saw me going down to Lima  Peru again but this time it was for the 2012 XVII Pan Am badminton Championships. I was representing Trinidad and Tobago at the games in the individual event and was the only participant from the country to take part in the games. I left Canada on October 9th and got there the same night. Going down wasn't bad I didn't end up getting upgraded but did end up sitting next to the pilots daughter so that was nice.

Upon getting into Lima there was the long drive from the airport to the actual city center where the hotel was located. Being after midnight at that point I was starting to feel tired, thankfully there was only a 1 hour difference between Lima and Calgary. After checking into the hotel I had a snack to eat and then headed to bed. The next day would be the 1st of 5 days of not seeing the sun. For the entire trip the sun barely shun in the sky. It was overcast and cloudy the whole time with the occasional showers and wind. Not to mention it wasn't overly warm and when going out needed to have something long on.  I stayed at the same hotel that the Canadians were at which was nice knowing quite a few of them from travels.

The 10th saw me going over to the tournament hall and trying to get a quick hit in which I was able to. Then watched the 3/4 playoff for the team event. After that it was off to the team managers meeting and then wandered around before grabbing some lunch at a quaint looking restaurant which was very nice.
The 11th rolled around and that saw the start of the individual portion of the tournament. I was up against a player from Guatemala named Rudolph Ramirez. He is a great player and it was a tough match for me for sure. Things worked during the match and other things didn't  The courts were a little slippery but overall not to bad and the venue itself was not a terrible place compared to other halls that I have had to play in. There was a little bit of a draft but nothing to major for the court that I was on. Playing that match I started to figure out how to play a little to late but the feeling of advancing my game is coming and has gone up since then for sure. I did make more unforced errors than he hit winners against me.

After my match saw me sticking around the tournament hall and catching the rest of the nights matches  because of how the shuttle service was scheduled. After going back to the hotel that night I went out to get some dinner.

There was a mall located about 2 blocks from the hotel. It is literally built into the side of a mountain and is roughly 3-4 stories down. It has amazing views and the greater majority of its restaurants were all located overhanging the cliff with fantastic views of the ocean/coast. If only it was sunny then it would look amazing but it was still beautiful scenery despite that. The next day after I lost my match would be my last day as I would fly out the coming morning on a 1am flight. So I spent the entire day walking along the cliff walk and seeing all the sights that were there from the art/monuments to the beautiful scenery and gardens.
So that marked the end of the journey, did some shopping saw some sights and played some good badminton. After that I had the long journey back home with my flight leaving Lima at 1:30am. I have yet to fly into or out of Lima in the daytime to actually see the scenery in the daylight it’s always these red eye flights. But the good part was that my upgrade request went through and I had an executive class upgrade for my flight from Lima to Toronto.

So that marked the end of the trip down to Peru, it was a great trip and I am happy that I was able to experience it. Arriving back in Calgary I decided to skip going down to Miami for the Miami International and that would leave the 2012 XVII Pan Am Championships would be the last international tournament for 2012. With that being said I would lose out on 920 points at the end of 2012 when my tournaments from 2011 start to fall off and I do not replace them. Now I just need to plan out my 2013 tournament schedule well for the 1st half of the year anyways and then go from there. 

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