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My Badminton and Life Blog

Thursday, July 5, 2012

2012 US Open GPG (California Love)

Things started out rocky with me not even sure if I would even get to go to the 2012 US Open Grand Prix Gold tournament this year. There was an issue with some outstanding fees for another Trinidad player and the payment process thankfully went through and my entry was accepted by the BWF into the tournament. That would make this my 3rd consecutive US Open. Due to it being the Olympic year a lot of big names didn’t come, leaving the draw wide open. This means that for the first time I would not have to qualify and would be in the main draw.

My first round was against a player from Mexico, Lino Munoz, and it was a gong show to put it lightly. I could not win rallies at all. Neither one of us wanted to lift; whoever lifted more or less lost the rally. Lino is defiantly a level above my play and I can only hope to train hard and reach that level in the very near future. Overall not to happy with how things played out, I’m not mad that I lost its more I’m mad at how I couldn’t win rallies and have a closer match.

It gets tough when all I do is train hard every day, on court off court all aspects that I can just to be beaten like that at the US Open. It can be so frustrating, knowing I’m not fast enough, strong enough, consistent enough, shot quality isn’t good enough and strategy’s aren’t solid enough. So much left to learn but I cant forget how far I have come already, these past 6 years since starting have flown by and I am truly grateful for where I have gotten. I have that urge and that desire to go even further and push this as far as I can. Every day, in every way I am getting better and better. Every day I wake up and will work my hardest no matter what, there is no giving up, no looking back, only forward and up. 

That being said the 2012 US Open is done for me, I got a decent amount of ranking points for losing first round so that will add to my ranking in a way. I play in the 2012 Canadian Open Grand Prix Gold next week (July 10-15th) and play a top Canadian player first round main draw. I look forward to the match which will take place Wednesday July 11th at the Richmond Olympic Oval at 2:30pm.

I have just 2 more days In Calgary before heading out to Vancouver for the week for the tournament (Leave Sunday July 8, 2012). After Canadian Open I will be back in Calgary for approximately 17 days and then I will fly out August 1st to Guangzhou, China to train for a month and a bit at a badminton academy.

Summer has pretty much come to an end for me as I don’t really have much free time left. I have taken 4/18 flights for this summer already. All those flights will occur within a 3 month period, that’s most likely more than most people take in a year. And the year isn’t done yet still on the agenda will be Pan Am games in Peru in October. Miami International end of October (This falls on Halloween so that means that I won’t be partying this year), and Puerto Rico International in November. As well I may finally take my 1st ever vacation in 4 years to Cuba with my family, strictly vacation, no badminton at all. I am not sure on that one though depends on if it works with my school schedule and if I can take the time off.

So much to do so little time, so many people to see but schedules don’t align. There are a handful of people that I really want to see this summer before I head back to China; hopefully all works out for that to happen. Some I haven’t seen since last year before I was in china in 2011...

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